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Start solving the cube like you always do, but instead of a daily average you can see your session progressing above. Also there's less clutter so you can stay focused on the cube, instead of the website.
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rubeTimer is a nice rubik's timer which you can use to time your rubik solves. Of course, since it is a timer you can also use this as a sort of stopwatch for nearly anything. It is .01 precise, and will store your times in a database never to be lost! If you solve a cube, select a cube type and if you just time something select the "Practice" type. All kinds of puzzles are included, 2x2x2 to 7x7x7, megaminx, pyraminx, square-one, rubik's magic and more!

Just join our community of hundreds of users that already enjoy the ease of use that rubeTimer provides!
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